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Birthdate:Aug 9
Location:Georgia, United States of America
This is mainly a fandom-based journal with the rare personal post thrown in. Below is a list of my fandoms & pairings but it's by no means comprehensive. You'll find a lot of slash fic in my writing and communities. No like, no read.

Fandoms: Daniel Craig as James Bond, Primeval, Battlestar Galactica, Torchwood, The Magnificent Seven, Kyle XY, OZ, Rome, The Shield, The Invisible Man, NASCAR, Indy Car Series, F1, Star Trek XI, RPS/RPF, Hawaii Five-0

Primeval Ships: Becker/Matt, Becker/Jess, Becker/Cutter, Becker/Lester, Becker/Ryan, Becker/Stephen, Becker/Lyle (OC), Cutter/Stephen, Cutter/Claudia, Cutter/Ryan, Lester/Lyle (OC), Ryan/Stephen, Connor/Abby, Finn (OC)/Future Taylor (OC), Ditzy (OC)/Ryan, Dane (OC)/Cutter, Dane (OC)/Lester
Primeval Fic Likes: Becker-whumping, bottom!Becker, Lyle-whumping, bottom!Lyle

Star Trek XI Ships: Kirk/McCoy, Kirk/Spock/McCoy, Kirk/Pike, Pike/McCoy, Kirk/Pike/McCoy
Trek XI Fic Likes: McCoy-whumping, bottom McCoy

The Expendables Ships: Gunnar/Barney, Gunnar/Lee
The Expendables Fic Likes: Gunnar-whumping, banter

RPS Ships: Chris Pine/Zach Quinto, Chris Pine/Karl Urban
RPS Fic Likes: Bottom Karl, comedy fic, slice of life (cooking dinner, working out, playing video games etc), angst

Hawaii Five-0 Ships: Danny/Steve
Hawaii Five-0 Fic Likes: Steve angst, Steve angst, Dom!Danny & sub!Steve, Steve angst

Kinks: angst, dub-con (with comfort at the end), adventure, alternate universes, hurt/comfort
Squicks: watersports, chan

Screencaps: [info]kalena_henden | [info]hidefan | [info]toxic_caps | [info]rawr_caps
The Victims Fan Club

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Interests (114):

abby maitland, alex o'loughlin, alternate universes, andrew-lee potts, battlestar galactica, ben mansfield, ben miller, blade, bones/jim, bones/jim/spock, captain becker, captain tom ryan, celtic thunder, chris pine, christopher pike, claudia brown, clayton rohner, connor temple, csi, dan wheldon, daniel craig, dave "ditzy" owen, david bowie, ditzy, dolph lundgren, douglas henshall, eagles of death metal, ej viso, eleventh hour, ellora's cave, erotica, fan fiction, finn, firefly, gaius baltar, george eads, gerard butler, gil grissom, good vs. evil, gvse, hal ketchum, hannah spearritt, hawaii 5-0, hawaii five-0, hawaii five-o, hugh dancy, indy racing league, james callis, james dean, james lester, james murray, james purefoy, jamie bamber, jason statham, jeffrey dean morgan, jenny lewis, jim/bones, jim/spock, jon lyle, karl urban, kevin mckidd, kyle xy, lucy brown, mads mikkelsen, mark wakeling, maroon 5, martin henderson, matt dallas, moonlight, motogp, motorsports, movies, muse, nascar, nick cutter, nick stokes, oasis, oz, paul byrom, primeval, queen, ray stevenson, reading, richard armitage, richard ashcroft, rob finn, robbie williams, robby gordon, robert d. finn, rome, rufus sewell, ryan hunter-reay, ryan kelly, scott caan, scott speed, sean bean, sir james lester, snow patrol, star trek xi, star trek: aos, star trek: reboot, stephen hart, tahmoh penikett, tales of gold monkey, the invisible man, the killers, the magnificent seven, the shield, thomas lennon, tony denman, walton goggins, william petersen, writing, zachary quinto
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